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Frequently Asked Questions About The ION LED 720W Grow Light

My ION LED lighting fixture came with a cord attached to it but there is no plug on the end. What should I do?2021-07-01T21:26:06+00:00

All ION LED lighting fixtures require a separate NEMA cord adapter, which allows you to use your fixture with various voltages (120V, 240V, or 277V).

How many ION LED lighting fixtures can I connect using a 0-10V lighting controller?2021-07-01T21:26:47+00:00

It is recommended that you keep the number of fixtures to 40 or under per 0-10V control circuit.

What should I do if one of the light bars on my ION LED fixture does not light up?2021-07-01T21:27:24+00:00

The fixture should be returned to the GrowGeneration location where you purchased it and should be replaced if it is under warranty.

What is the recommended distance that the ION LED fixtures be positioned from each other?2021-07-01T21:28:01+00:00

Typically, fixtures are positioned on five-foot centers. For larger grows, we recommend a commercial layout unique to the facility, which can be requested at your local GrowGeneration store or through a commercial sales representative.

Is it normal for the LED light bars or the center power supply enclosure to get hot?2021-07-01T21:28:29+00:00

It is normal that the LED bars and power supply get hot to the touch. However, if the light gets any hotter than that, turn it off and contact your local GrowGeneration store.

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