The Next Generation of Full Spectrum Commercial LED Fixtures

Experience Lighting to Grow Like a Pro

Achieve ultimate growing power to increase your yield and quality with ION’s line of industry-leading products:

LED 720W

Unmatched power and complete control—plus up to 40% energy savings with 40% less HVAC required.

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Highly efficient commercial and greenhouse lighting in one easy-to-use, ready-to-grow package.

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Double Ended

High-performance light distribution designed to meet the needs of commercial and large growing areas.

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Why Choose ION LED Lights for Your Grow?

Bring your grow to the cutting-edge with ION LED lights, making it possible to:

  • Deliver about the same light output as a 1000W High Intensity Discharge Lamp
  • Reduce electrical usage and HVAC costs by nearly 40%
  • Achieve the ultimate yield and quality without breaking the bank or sacrificing sustainability

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